Some important facts on weight-loss!


As important as a regular exercise schedule is a rest schedule! Understanding how rest affects your muscles will help you plan and carry out a successful exercise regiment.

Exercise = muscles breaking down. Thats why we feel tired after working out! After working out muscles need to replace lost protein and energy stores. Muscles can only burn fat if they have the energy to do it! To help muscles recover these lost stores you should always do the following:

Never lower your caloric intake to less than 1500 a day
Eat small amounts of high quality protein with meals
Get plenty of SLEEP (this is so important)
If youre just starting out try training every other day, rather than two days in a row!
Keep Track

You need to be aware of what youre putting in your mouth! Dont snack senselessly throughout the day or while watching t.v. Especially while trying to lose weight you should always know what youre eating, what is in what youre eating, and how many calories youre eating. Never go below 1400-1500 calories a day. You will need those calories to do your daily tasks, and have energy to exercise! Also, your muscles need those calories in order to process fat.

Best Times To Eat

Eat right. The best times to eat are when you are being most active. Your body needs energy during these times and will not store the calories but use them!

You should always start out with a good breakfast. You will need the nutrients breakfast will give you to get the day started. While sleeping your body has been deprived of nutrition for up to 10 hours! You need to replenish this loss while fueling your body for another day of activity.

Another good time to eat is after working out. Your body just used a tremendous amount of energy — your muscles need replenishment in order to be in top condition. After a workout your body is also still metabolizing quickly so its a good time to eat healthy, whole foods that feed your body. Stay away from white, processed flour and foods that quickly turn to sugar and burn up before all your body functions are fed.

Drink lots of waterWater

An exteremly important component of weight loss, indeed, of living, is water! Remember, 2/3 of our bodies are made up of water! You need to stay hydrated in order for all your organs to function properly. It is also invaluable to your muscles, which burn the fat you are trying to use!

Always drink 10 8 oz. servings or more every day!

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