Using CBD for Weight Loss – Is It Possible?

With the widespread obesity in the United States, people are looking for a solution. CBD may help people lose weight. Some CBD oils can help with weight loss.

CBD and Weight Loss: Main Features

Based on a literature review done in 2017 weight loss was a common side effect of people that used CBD to treat seizures.

CBD is safe with little to no side effects. Even if a person does experience side effects they are not harmful.

CBD cannot alter a person’s state of mind.

There are other health benefits to CBD including stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is better for the body then CBD isolate.

Can CBD Really Help with Weight Loss?

Based on expert research CBD may be able to help with weight loss. When it is used for other health purposes such as pain or anxiety many users experience weight loss.

Weight loss can be due in part to lifestyle changes. A person will be more active when using CBD and this can help them lose weight.

There have been some studies on CBD and weight loss and the results look good for people trying to drop the extra pounds.

CBD and Metabolism

There are two types of fat tissues. There is white far and brown fat. White fat is fat that is visible and can lead to health issues including a heart attack and stroke. Brown fat helps to speed up metabolism. This fat helps to keep the body warm. CBD can turn the white fat into brown fat.

CBD has been shown to boost mitochondria levels to help increase energy burnt off and speed up the metabolism.

Endocannabinoid System

This system is a preprogrammed cannabinoid system in the body. There are CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors play a role in increasing metabolism and decreasing fat cells. The overstimulation of the CB1 receptors can put a person at an increased risk for high blood pressure, excess body fat, and other issues. When the CBD is used it can help stop these receptors.

CBD and the Appetite

The marijuana that is still illegal for recreation uses in most places can make a person hungry. Their main side effects are the munchies that make a person want to eat. CBD will help suppress the appetite. A person will have a feeling of fullness even when they eat less food. CBD can also reduce cravings for certain foods.

Experts and CBD

Dr. Stuart Titus has spent many years working in financial services and medical healthcare. He has also spent over 10 years working in the cannabis industry. He is the Chief Executive Officers of the first publically traded cannabis company.

He is a Ph.D. and has worked with an organization looking at weight loss, metabolism, and CBD. According to Titus, CBD can help stimulate metabolism. It can help people both people that are overweight and those with eating disorders get back to a normal appetite. CBD can help the body find a natural balance and may be able to help persons lose weight.

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