Is CBD For Dogs Approved?

Only in a matter of few years, there is an overwhelming increase in social acceptance for cannabis related products, especially towards the medical side of it. Cannabis carries its essential properties because of cannabinoids. While cannabis is believed to be containing more than sixty cannabinoids, THC and CBD are two primary cannabinoids. Surprisingly, THC and CBD both affect in opposing manner. THC is psychoactive in nature and is responsible for the ‘high’, while cannabidiol relaxes your mind and body. Therefore, cannabidiol is considered to be safe and extremely beneficial against various diseases, especially due to its anti-inflammatory effect, but does this also imply to canines?

Like humans, dogs too have receptors that are responsible for acting with cannabinoids. Moreover, as opposed to THC which is psychoactive and can cause complex psychological behaviours in canines, cannabidiol is completely safe to use and treats various diseases in-toxically. Similar to the human case, cannabinoids use in dogs is also very less researched due to the legal constraints. Due to this, most of the data that we reply on are either testimonials or raw data that comes from preliminary experiments.

Effects Of CBD Oil:

Cannabinoid can be used to treat various chronic and acute nature of ailments in dogs. Like most herbal treatments, the effect cannot be witnessed immediately, and it will take some time before dog owners can see any significant improvement. Chronic ailments that can be treated with Cannabidiol include:

Digestive issues
Acute ailments that can be relieved with CBD oil include:Torn ligaments
Strained muscles
Post-injury and bone breakage pains
Apart from the aforementioned bodily disorders, there are many other diseases, like diabetes, for which the research is still underway to determine the effect of CBD oil. Even if your dog does not suffer from any specific health issues, it can still be beneficial for the dog, by ensuring the healthier functioning of various organs of the body. Here is how CBD oil improves different bodily functions:Improves dog’s physical movements.
Cleanse digestive tract.
Immediately relieves minor stress and ensures comfort.
Improves neurological functions of the body.
Supports immune system and constricts the way for any future diseases.
Cannabidiol Oil in comparison with Veterinary medicines:

Veterinary medicines have passed through a long journey of research and reformation, and therefore, present a much-sophisticated mode of treatment. Consequently, this comparison is not to suggest the futility of veterinary medicines. Veterinary medicines can be precisely prescribed and can be used to treat a broad range of canine diseases. With that being said, veterinary medicines often carry side effects, and their excessive dosage can be detrimental for kidneys and liver of dogs. Contrarily, Cannabidiol does not carry any significant side effects.


Like humans, start low with dosage. Start off point would be 1 drop of CBD Oil for every 1 lb weight of your dog. Increase the dosage after every 4-5 days and keep on increasing the dosage until you observe significant improvement in your dog. If any abnormal behaviours like vomiting or disorientation are noted in the dog, stop the dosage and restart once the abnormal effects disappear.

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