Cbd and Alcohol – Is it Possible to Mix ?

CBD (cannabidiol) is becoming increasingly popular on the health and wellness scene. You can find it infused in oils and lotions as well as many other products in health stores. Alcohol manufacturers have even started adding CBD to drinks. However, there are concerns over the safety of mixing these two.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound. It differs from the THC from the cannabis plant in that it does not have any psychoactive properties. CBD has been shown to provide extensive medicinal benefits including reducing anxiety and relieving pain.

Possible Multiplier Effect

On its own, CBD is a beneficial resource that can help many. As a source of relaxation, CBD has been especially beneficial in reducing anxiety. Alcohol is also known for the relaxing effects it can have on the brain. Combining the two ingredients can amplify the effects which can lead to sedation rather than just relaxation.

Mixing the two ingredients has also been associated with changes in mood. Impairments in motor performance have been observed along with reduced perception. When individuals took only CBD, these effects did not occur. All effects are multiplied when CBD is mixed with alcohol.

Mitigating Effects

Studies have also found that CBD can mitigate the effects of alcohol. This means it could be possible to reduce the side effects of alcohol consumption. It is important to note that the effects of mixing CBD and alcohol vary from person to person. Individually and together they do not impact people the same way.


Can prevent cell damage: Excessive alcohol consumption damages cells and increases inflammation. The risk of chronic diseases is increased. Studies have found that CBD reduces this damage and reduces the risk of fatty liver disease. It also promotes cell turnover and the generation of new tissue.


Better blood alcohol levels: Higher blood alcohol levels are linked to loss of cognitive and motor function. Some studies have found that a small amount of CBD can lower blood alcohol levels significantly.


Help with addiction: Alcohol addiction causes withdrawals once recovery begins. CBD can help relieve these symptoms, since it produces similar effects. Using CBD as you abstain from alcohol can take the edge off withdrawal symptoms and allow time for your body to heal from alcohol-related damage.

Only a small amount of research has been done to date regarding the use of CBD and alcohol together. Because of the individual differences of people, it can be hard to conclude that the same effects will occur for everyone. It is best to avoid mixing anything until you are sure how exactly it is going to impact you.

It is important to note that most studies conducted have involved large amounts of alcohol or CBD. The more moderate consumption that is normal may not produce the same effects. If you do decide to mix alcohol and CBD, it is advised to do in small amounts. This will minimize the risks of adverse effects. You should also talk with your doctor if you have any concerns.

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