Buy Xenical 120mg Pills Online – How Does Orlistat Work for Weight Loss?

Xenical is a prescription weight loss diet supplement approved for use by individuals 18 years or older. This drug therefore requires a doctor’s prescription and supervision before you can begin using it. It is one of the few weight loss diet supplements that has been approved by the FDA and has been used since 1999 helping a lot of people reach their weight loss goals. As with most other fast weight loss pills, Xenical is not a magic weight loss drug. It has to be used in combination with regular exercise and a reduced-calorie and balanced diet to deliver weight loss results.

How to Buy Xenical Online?

Active Ingredients

The active ingredient in this drug is 120mg of orlistat. This blocks dietary fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream thereby reducing fat intake by up to a third. The reduced dietary fat intake forces the body to burn stored body fat into energy which over time translates to modest weight loss results. There are other variations of Xenical such as Alli which also contain the same active ingredient and have been approved for over the counter sales. You can therefore buy this weight loss diet pill conveniently without requiring a doctor’s prescription or supervision.

How It Works

Xenical inhibits pancreatic and gastric lipases from breaking down triglycerides in the intestine. Once the lipase activity is stopped, dietary fat cannot be hydrolyzed into an absorbable form. They are therefore excreted from the body unchanged which helps reduce further accumulation of body fat. Xenical has been proven to block up to 30% of dietary fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream. The body therefore has to burn stored fat for energy which enables individuals lose weight much faster without accumulating new body fat from their diet.

Before and After Results

The truth is Xenical is not a magic bullet that will wipe away those pounds you accumulated over the years. It takes patience and hard work to achieve your weight loss goals when using Xenical. The good thing about it is that your weight loss can be sustainable. If you eat fatty foods while using Xenical you can expect to excrete the fats; which is often unpleasant. However, this not only helps you lose weight but also make better and healthy choices when it comes to food.
You should expect some modest weight loss after a few weeks of using Xenical. The most important thing to remember is that you need to follow the recommended dosage as well as have routine exercises. If you do, you should expect to see results even after as short as two weeks of using Xenical.

There are also other benefits of using the Xenical diet pills for weight loss. To begin with, while they help reduce body fat, these pills also help develop lean muscle mass and increase body strength. You can therefore brag later after developing those lovely abs, albeit after exercising. Xenical has also been proven to reduce blood pressure as well as prevent the onset of Type II diabetes. This is therefore a great diet pill to use especially if you are to avoid weight related complications such as Type II diabetes and high blood pressure.


The standard dosage for Xenical is a pill containing 120mg of orlistat three times a day before meals. If your doctor prescribes otherwise, follow the doctor’s prescription until advised otherwise. Higher doses than those recommended by the doctor do not produce faster or more potent effects and are only a waste of money and may lead to severe side effects.

Side Effects

Because of its mechanism of action, the primary side effects of Xenical are gastrointestinal related. They include;
• Steatorrhea – Excretion of oily, loose stools that are with excessive flatus as a result of the unabsorbed fats that reach the large intestines.
• Urgent or frequent bowel movements and fecal incontinence.
• Flatulence
• Stomach Pain
• Nausea
• Vomiting
To minimize these side effects, you should avoid foods high in fat. For the best results, follow a low-fat, reduced-calorie and balanced diet. Flatulence and oily stools can be also be controlled by reducing or avoiding dietary fat. The side effects may be severe in the beginning but normally reduce in frequency over time. They however encourage aversion to fatty and unhealthy foods encouraging the users to stick to healthier and low-fat, low-calorie diets. For most people studied under clinical trials with Xenical, the reduction of the side effects over a period of time was attributed to a reduction in fatty diets which makes Xenical one of the most sustainable diet pills for losing weight.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about low energy or being fatigued when using Xenical. This makes you active even when you are on a reduced calorie diet and allows you to continue with your normal daily activities. Nonetheless, the side effects can be unpleasant but it is a small price to pay for a long term benefit.

Can I buy Xenical online?

You could be asking can I buy Xenical online or you could be wondering where to buy Xenical over the counter. Since Xenical is a prescription only weight loss supplement, a prescription is required before buying. This applies to both offline and online purchases. When you buy online, a Xenical online doctor asks you various questions to establish your health status. It is important to give correct information because this will be the basis of the prescription. You should not worry about divulging personal details since all information is treated with utmost confidentiality.

Drug Name: Orlistat Xenical
Strength:120 mg and 60 mg pills
Best Price:from $1.82 per pill
Where to buy?

You also enjoy more benefits when you order Xenical online. First, you save time and effort since the package is delivered to your doorstep. Simply order from the comfort of your home or while at work. You also avoid the extra costs of buying it at your local pharmacy. Buying Xenical online is therefore the easiest and the best way. But you should watch out for fakes. This requires thoroughly analyzing the site you are ordering from. What are current customers saying? Do they sell after a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner?

With a prescription, you can buy Xenical over the counter. There however exist some variants that contain the active ingredients found in Xenical that you can buy over the counter without a prescription. A good example is Alli that contains 60mg of orlistat. Nonetheless, if you are pregnant or belong to other high risk groups, avoid Xenical and its variants.


While many weight loss diet pills promise the skies and deliver nothing, Xenical has a proven record to back its claims. To begin with, this is one of the few weight loss diet pills that have been approved by the FDA. The availability of its variants such as Alli, an over the counter drug also proves to the popularity and effectiveness of Xenical. Its formulation is backed by research and science and you can trust that Xenical is the beginning of your path to your desired figure and body weight.

You don’t have to struggle with losing weight or spend countless hours searching for the right weight loss diet pills on the internet. Xenical actually delivers; you only have to deal with a few side effects before you achieve your goals. The reason we recommend Xenical is because unlike other weight loss diet pills, Xenical encourages a healthy and low fat diet. You begin to associate fatty foods with the unpleasant side effects which make you averse to such foods. Even after completing your dosage, you are unlikely to revert to unhealthy eating habits because of the aversion therapy as a result of using Xenical.

However, it is important to remember that you still need to be consistent and focused. Xenical alone won’t deliver you the required weight loss results. Exercise and a low-fat balanced diet are important as well. But we can confidently confirm that Xenical will be your first step to losing those extra pounds of fat.

How Orlistat Works

Orlistat (Xenical, Alli) is a drug created for treating obesity. It was developed later than similar medications. It’s been approved for use in the USA since 1999.

Orlistat is the first weight loss medicine that doesn’t work systematically. It’s effective in the gastrointestinal tract only. It belongs to the group of pentanoic acid esters and forms covalent bonds with the active sites of serine residues in gastric and pancreatic lipases by inhibiting their activity and preventing the absorption of approximately 30% of fats our body gets from food. Weight loss is achieved due to these two factors:

  • Reduction in fat intake;
  • Side effects caused by the drug: unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings in the gastrointestinal tract that make patients avoiding high fat food.

When you are following a 2000 calories diet plan made up of 30% fat, Orlistat blocks the digestion of 22 grams of fat which equals the intake of 200 kcal a day. This helps you to eat 6000 less calories a month and reduce your body weight by nearly 900g. The second treatment factor motivates you to change your diet plan. When used properly, this medication can reduce your body weight even if the initial change in lifestyle proved to be ineffective.

The effectiveness of Orlistat in treating obesity has been proved by several randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials each lasting for 1-2 years. Orlistat side effects were studied in two placebo-controlled trials. Patients were taking 120mg Orlistat 3 times a day. At first, all participants were following a low-calorie diet plan for 1 year. After that, they started to take either Orlistat or placebo for another year.

The research results were similar. The average weight loss was 10% when treated with Orlistat and 6% when treated with placebo. During the following year, patients who continued taking Orlistat increased their body weight by 1.5-3 kg and patients who kept taking placebo gained 4-6 kg (this body weight was close to the original). Besides, Orlistat has shown a positive change in the contents of total cholesterol, LDL, glucose, insulin and blood pressure levels. This drug was revealed to have a unique property. It affected the concentration of lipids in serum by inhibiting the absorption of fat in the digestive tract. Orlistat can be used for the correction of lipid levels.

Another study involved patients who suffered from both obesity and type 2 diabetes and were treated with sulfonylurea drugs. As statistics shows, Orlistat has significantly improved the plasma glucose levels and reduced the hemoglobin A1c, and lipids in the blood. It also helped to reduce the dose of sulfonylurea.

Orlistat Side Effects

For patient compliance with the treatment it is very important to control the severity of side effects. All patients who didn’t control the consumption of fats in their diet plan had a problem with oily loose stools. In about 20-40% cases Orlistat caused other side effects in the gastrointestinal tract, including frequent defecation, bloating, intense flatus, soiled clothes, peremptory urging to stool, and fecal incontinence. Thus it is very important to explain patients the rules of taking this drug and the importance of reducing the dietary fat content.

The most significant concerns of Orlistat therapy are big chances of malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, B-carotene and other carotenoids. Indeed, Orlistat treatment decreased the amount of these substances in the plasma compared to placebo treatment. Still it remained within normal limits. Nonetheless, manufacturers recommend that all patients who take Orlistat should also take multivitamins with B-carotene and fat-soluble vitamins 2 hours before or after taking Orlistat.


Doctors usually prescribe their patients to take 120mg Orlistat (1 capsule) 3 times a day during fat meals. It is allowed to take the drug during or within 1 hour after a meal.

There is one more precaution that concerns Orlistat treatment. The caloric value of food is determined by 4 groups of substances: fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and alcohol. Orlistat partly prevents the absorption of only one of them. If a patient increases the intake of other substances instead of fats, the total caloric value of a diet plan also increases along with body weight. In order to make Orlistat treatment effective, it is necessary to pay attention at your diet plan and reduce its total caloric value.

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