What is the Difference between Xenical, Alli and Orlistat ?

Being overweight can be harmful to a person’s health. Still, it is not easy to lose weight. Even with diet and exercise, it can be hard to lose weight. Many people are looking for safe yet effective weight loss tablets such as Orlistat, Xenical, or Alli to help them lose weight.

If you are at least 18 years old and have a body mass of 28 or greater you can get an online recommendation for a weight loss supplement that will best fit your needs.

How Weight Loss Tablets Work in the Body?

These weight loss tablets all contain orlistat as the active ingredient. They will also work similarly.

Orlistat will prevent the body from digesting some of the fat that is consumed. The enzymes in the digestive tract will be able to break down the fat and it cannot be digested. It will be passed out of the body with the stool. This will allow a person to lose weight.

There are some main differences between these tablets that a person needs to be aware of.


This is an active ingredient in weight loss and is also a type of weight loss supplement. A generic label can also be used. The generic version is called ibuprofen and is usually less expensive than the brand name.

Orlistat is available by a prescription for people that are obese. The tablet is 120mg and it can prevent around a third of the fat being consumed from being digested. This tablet should be taken with each meal totaling three tablets a day. It can be taken before, during, or an hour after eating a meal.

If a person skips a meal they do not need to take a tablet. If they eat food that does not contain fat they will not have to take a tablet.

These tablets are taken for 12 weeks and a person should lose around 5 percent of their body weight. They need to eat properly and exercise while using Orlistat.


This tablet comes in 120 mg and will prevent a third of the fat from being digested. Xenical is the name brand and it will be more expensive. It can be used in the same way that Orlistat is used.


This supplement can be purchased without a prescription. It contains 60 mg of Orlistat.

The body will not be able to digest around ¼ of the fat that is being consumed. This tablet should be taken with meals three times a day. A person will need to follow a healthy diet and develop an exercise plan. Alli will help a person lose an extra pound for every two pounds they can lose with diet and exercise.

Summing it Up

Orlistat is a prescription that can help 1/3 of daily fat intake from being digest. It is more expensive than Alli but cheaper than Xenical.

Xenical is the brand name and will also prevent 1/3 of the daily fat in taking from being digested. It is the most expensive weight loss tablet but is the most well known.

Alli is 60 mg and will prevent ¼ of the fat from being digested.

Possible Side Effect

Do not use any of these weight loss tablets if:

Pregnant or breastfeeding

Under 18 years old

Have a BMI under 28

More Common Side Effects

Increased flatulence

A sudden need for a bowel movement

Oily stool

Some people may also experience diarrhea, anxiety, incontinence, or pain. iI they have any of these issues they should speak to their doctor.

How to Purchase These Weight Loss Tablets?

If a person has a BMI that is over 28 they can get a prescription for Orlistat or Xenical from visiting the online doctor. A person will need to fill out a confidential questionnaire which includes information about their medical history and any medication they may currently be taking.

A person can get a 28 or 84 day supply of these weight loss tablets.

Orlistat is prescribed to people that have a BMI over 30 and those that have tried other weight loss methods but were not effective at losing weight.

Alli can be purchased in many drug stores and even some discount shopping centers.

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