The 3-Week Diet Review: Does It Really Work?

Granted, with the bold claims that it makes, you’d think it’s either the greatest diet under the sun, or just another diet program making promises it can’t keep.

So Which Is It?

I’ve given this program an in-depth review, and have drawn my conclusions accordingly.

One thing’s for certain; there’s definitely a lot of information to go through with this program.

What You Get

Introduction Manual

First, you’ll get the introduction manual. This initial guide doesn’t just
go over the diet, but it does a lot more than that.

This is where you learn about the nitty gritty of HOW and WHY the diet works.

Calculate your BMI

For example, you’ll be taught the science behind The 3-Week Diet, as well as the science behind how we gain and lose weight.

A lot of people think that fat loss is the same as weight loss, which it isn’t.

What you want to lose is fat, not just weight, and this guide explains how you can do it.

Not knowing this key difference, and trying to lose weight (rather than fat) is probably part of the reason why more than 2 out of 3 adults in the United States are considered to be “overweight or obese.”

understanding and comparing weight loss vs fat loss

This part of the guide also goes into what nutrients you need to take into your body, and why, as well as explaining how different nutrients help you to burn fat in their own special ways.

These nutrients will also have other positive effects on your body, such as increasing metabolism and giving you more energy.

I found the information in this first guide to be spot on, scientifically sound, easy to get through, and on the whole very helpful.

Reading this made me confident that the diet would actually work as it says it does.

Diet Manual

This is where you really get started learning how powerful this system is
and how to implement it.

What’s beautiful about this guide is that it doesn’t try to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution, which ultimately never works for anyone.

Instead, it helps you to figure out your lean body mass and fat percentage.

This then gives you a plan which is created for you specifically.

This is one of the secrets to why this diet is so successful … it’s designed just for you.

This is what allows you to lose 12 to 23 pounds in just 2-3 weeks, as it claims you’ll be able to do.


One of the key ways you’ll be able to lose weight is by lowering your levels of insulin, because insulin is a fat-storing hormone, which does nothing but help you to keep the weight on.

fat burning machine

In the U.S, more than 1 in 20 adults are considered extremely obese, which would not be the case at all if people had this information at their fingertips and knew how to combat insulin so that it couldn’t store so much of their fat.

Once your insulin levels have been reduced, your body will basically have no choice but to become a fat-burning machine.

What’s great about this guide is how little guesswork you need in order to get it working for you.

You always know what to do at any time, and you just have to follow the instructions.

You know which foods to take into your body, and which ones are to be avoided at all times.

Nutrition & Supplements

The 3-Week Diet will also advise you on recommended supplements as well.

There are so many out there to choose from, but only a few work really well.

Some of the things you learn you can apply to your children as well, such as giving them the right nutrients, some of the right foods to eat, some foods to make sure they avoid, etc.

This is important, as one out of every three children in the U.S is considered to be overweight.

nutrition is the key to successful weight loss

One out of every six children in the U.S is considered to be obese, so this is a major problem we’re having… not just in the U.S, but across the West.

Granted, that’s not as bad as it is for adults, as one in three are considered obese, but still, if a child is overweight from a very young age, it becomes very hard for them to lose the weight later on.

It’s rare you find a guide which is as jam-packed with good info as the 3-Week Diet’s “Diet Manual.”

Literally everything you need to know to keep that fit, trim, bikini body or muscular frame is in this guide.

Workout Manual

This is what makes the 3-Week Diet a really well-rounded diet.

They tell you not only what to eat, but they also give you all the info you need on working out too.

Exercise is important, because it gives you the results you want in a much shorter period of time, while also helping you to keep the weight off for good.

Exercise also increases your metabolism, which makes it so that your body can more easily lose weight.

With a good metabolism, you’ll lose more weight for every minute you’re on a cardio machine, when you’re lifting weights, and you’ll even burn fat overnight, while you sleep.

work out

Of course, people have varying different amounts of time on their hands; some people can afford to be “gym rats” and spend 12 hours a day working out, while other people can only afford to spend two hours a week at the gym.

What’s great about this guide is that, regardless of whether you’re one of the busy people or someone who has time to burn, there’s a workout in here for you.

Obviously, the more time you spend at the gym, the better off you’ll be, but you won’t need a wide open schedule to get results from this guide.

The Good News

Some more good news for those who have limited time to spend at the gym … according to The 3-Week Diet, you really don’t need to spend a lot of time to get results.

Getting a good workout is more about high intensity than long duration.

So if you hit the gym hard for just a few hours a week, you can rest assured knowing you got the exercise you needed.

This guide shows you just how to do those high-intensity exercises.

I found the “midsection miracle” to be really helpful as well.

good news for those who want to lose weight fast

If you have a little extra belly fat, this will help you blast it away quickly.

Working out is important because staying active may lower your chances of getting heart disease, stroke, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, and other issues.

If you have a teenager at home, they can benefit from these exercises as well.

It’s a fact that over 80% of the world’s adolescent population is not as physically active as they should be.

It’s also a fact that workouts which strengthen muscles should involve major muscle groups and should be done (ideally) two or more days per week.

The information in this manual will help you to reach that benchmark with relative ease.

Overall, I found the high-intensity workouts in this guide to be very effective, and I could really feel it in my muscles the next day.

It was as though I could feel myself getting stronger as the muscles healed themselves and grew bigger.

The plans are very flexible and clearly designed to cater to people with all different schedules, as mentioned previously, so I found one which worked perfectly well for me, and I have stuck with it.

When I leave the gym after each session, I really feel like I gave my body a full workout.

Mindset & Motivation Manual

success mindset and motivation

This is something which most diet and exercise plans are missing.

But it’s so important!

If your mindset isn’t in the right place, and you’re not feeling motivated, then it simply doesn’t matter how good the material is, because you won’t do what it recommends.

It’s a great boon that this program delivers on not just the diet and exercise, but keeping you motivated and focused on achieving your fitness goals as well.

Doing what you need to do at the gym and with your diet is about making firm decisions consistently, and then sticking to those decisions.

There are many techniques in this manual which you can use to stay motivated, and I found virtually all them to be surprisingly useful.

After using these techniques, I just found myself WANTING to eat the foods I know I should eat, and feeling excited to go to the gym and get my workout done.

This guide doesn’t just give you motivation for sticking to The 3-Week Diet, but also for just about anything you want to accomplish in your life.

Regardless of whether your goals are financial, fitness, or relationship-related, the secrets of motivation are the same no matter what.

I was impressed with the uniqueness of the info in this manual.

It wasn’t a bunch of overplayed tactics that you see again and again.

Instead, the information was very refreshing.

Click here to visit the official 3-Week Diet website

The Four Phases of The Three-Week Diet


The 3-Week Diet is broken down into four phases in order to have the maximum impact and allow you to lose the most weight in the 21-day period.

Each phase is crucial to the whole process, so let’s go through each one now:

Phase 1:

Phase 1 lasts from day 1 to day 7, so it’s your first week.

In phase 1, the main thing we’re doing is detoxing our liver and getting rid of built-up toxins in our bodies.

What we’re doing is taking in certain nutrients in order to increase our insulin sensitivity (insulin being a fat-storing hormone); that way we get our body into fat-burning mode.

This phase simply prepares our body to lose weight, so that we can burn fat faster. It turns your body into a fat-burning powerhouse.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is by far the shortest phase of the four, as it only lasts one day.

It’s day 8 of the program, and it’s a 24-hour long fast.

This gives your digestive system a break for a day, and it will allow your body to flush out any remaining toxins.

While short, this phase still plays a crucial role in your 3-week diet.

Phase 3:

This phase starts on day 9, and runs through day 11, so it’s a 3-day phase.

You start up the cleansing once again that you did it in phase 1, but you go even further.

For these three days, most of your diet (80%) you’ll be eating foods which contain a lot of calories from fat.

This may seem counter-intuitive, as you might think it’ll cause you to gain weight rather than drop it, but it works.

How? It signals to your liver to start burning this fat to use as fuel.

This will allow you to burn fat faster than you’ve ever burnt it before, preparing you for the 4th and final phase…

Phase 4:

Phase 4 is the longest phase, taking place from day 12 to day 21 (so 9 days in total).

In this phase, you’ll be eating a custom diet based on your body’s own Basal Metabolic Rate (or BMR for short).

It’s basically a measurement of your body’s metabolism.

Knowing this will allow you to figure out just how many calories you should be taking into your body.

Following this custom diet will take you the rest of the way to success.


best diet for happy people

While the claims in this program are bold, it does live up to the hype.

I was surprised at the results I got in such a short time, as I went into this feeling quite skeptical.

It’s a great program, and it’s clear the author definitely knows his stuff when it comes to weight loss, working out, mindset, and more.

While I didn’t at first, I now believe the hype which is surrounding this product.

It’s a great product for both men and women, as it’s not gender-specific.

That’s a great thing too, because 74% of men in the USA are overweight, and about 64% of women, so both sexes need it.

Again, I can’t recommend this course enough.

While so many diet/exercise courses don’t give you the results they promise, this one simply does.

They have an unconditional money-back guarantee as well to back it up, so there’s no risk in giving it a try.

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