Beware of Trendy Diets

We all want to find the “perfect” diet. You know the one; eat whatever you want — as much as you want — whenever you want — and the pounds just start falling off.

There’s only one problem with that diet — it doesn’t exist. However, there are many people that try to tell you that it does. They’ll even get celebrities to come on television and try to convince you that the reason they look so wonderful is due to the newly discovered, never before shared with the world diet, “the easy road to weight loss”. For only $29.95 a day you can have food sent to your house that tastes just like regular fatty foods, but by some miracle of modern science that may as well equate to a magic food fairy; this fattening food has suddenly become very healthy for you. Eat as much as you want! Nothing bad will happen! And, they accept most major credit cards!

The truth is, getting healthy usually isn’t as simple as buying the weight off. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Such as someone going on television and telling you they lost weight by simply going to a specific sandwich shop every day. What they neglect to tell you is that they actually only went to that restaurant for a light lunch, and only ordered a half-sandwich with whole grain bread and lean white turkey meat, and nothing else… no cheese or bacon or side of chips. But in the commercials they’ll phrase it to make it seem like you can go to this restaurant for every meal of the day, order anything on the menu, and you’ll lose weight.

Anyone promoting a diet on television has motivation to lie to you; they want your money.

Now, there are standards that are supposed to prevent people from going on television and lying about nutritional value in a product. So, to be fair… not everyone who goes on television with diet is telling an outright lie; more often it’s sort of an exaggeration of the truth. SOME trendy diets are based, at least partially, on fact. But most of them will offer a way to lose weight quick, not keep it off.

You can exist on a diet of mostly grapefruit for a short time (even though it’s not healthy) but eventually you’ll crack and start eating the same things you were eating before your diet. The weight will pile back on. Lots of trendy diets are a thinly veiled way of starving yourself by only eating certain foods while the body requires every food group.

Never jump too quickly into a trendy diet, no matter which paid celebrity swears up and down that it works. Be realistic with your dieting goals. Though you may want the weight to come off quickly; the truth is you’ll have a much better chance of keeping the weight off if you lose it in a slow and healthy way.

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