Protein, Ketones and Kidney Stones – How are they Related?

If you plan of starting weight loss, maybe you may not be thinking about kidney stones but if you are to begin with a high-protein, low carbohydrate diet plan, you must consider them. Many low-carb diet plans promotes burning of fat known as ketosis and this production of ketones may affect urine chemistry and increase the chance of kidney stones. Learning more about the effect of a weight loss diet to the kidneys can help one decide whether to undergo a high-protein and a low carb diet. Now, let us take a look at protein, ketones and kidney stones and what bonds them together.

Knowing about Kidney Stones

If there is a hard mass of crystals that are formed in the urinary tract, this will develop into kidney stones. One who have this may feel extreme pain especially if they pass through the thin ureter in order to exit out from the body. Different types of kidney stones may vary according to materials and the exact cause is still unknown. Because other people are more prone to developing kidney stones, this may have something to do with heredity.Protein Ketones and Kidney Stones

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Knowing about Ketones

The compounds known as ketones are formed through the breakdown of fat as the burning of carbohydrates of the body shift to burning of fat for energy. Undergoing a high protein and a low-carbohydrate diet can result into the use of ketones as the main source of energy in the body and just after a few days or weeks, the brain will then begin to use ketones instead of glucose for energy. But in some cases that there are many ketones that are buld up in the bloodstream, the pH of the urine may change from neutral to slightly acidic which stresses the kidneys and may develop kidney stones.

A High Protein Diet

It was published in the “American Journal of Kidney Diseases” in 2002 that a high-protein but low-carbohydrate diet can increase the acidity of the blood for a period of 6 weeks which can result to the development of kidney stones. The study found out that the increase reaches up to 90% acid levels in the bloodstream. Besides the higher acid levels, the concentration of the urinary citrate which is a compound that inhibits the growth of kidney stones was lowered to 25%. Additionally, it was noted that people who are undergoing a high protein diet can become dehydrated and can lead to the development of kidney stones. People who developed kidney stones and who are having normal diets are advised to lessen their intake of meat, poultry and fish protein.


It was also noted in the study which is published in the “American Journal of Kidney Diseases” that a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet can increase the risk of bone loss. Other people undergoing this type of diet may also experience weakness, dehydration, dizziness and irritability.

There is indeed much to learn about protein, ketones and kidney stones. This may prevent you from taking weight loss supplements with raspberry ketones. If you are unsure of your decision, ask an expert.

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