Ketones and Weight Loss

When one loses weight this means that her body gives off substances called ketones. Such ketones are secreted in the urine and is an indicator that one is losing weight as seen in the reduce numbers on the weighing scale. The presence of ketone on the other hand, also indicates a more harmful condition. Awareness of the difference helps one experience a healthy weight loss result. Let us have a closer look at ketones and weight loss to establish their relationship.


Ketones are substances that the body produces as a byproduct of fat metabolism as stated at the Joslin Diabetes Center. If you are one of those who are trying to lose some pounds, your body have to use glucose that are build up in your fat stores so as to obtain energy from the food and such thing will result to weight loss. Besides being produced when weight loss occurs, ketones can also be a sign of diabetes. The reason is that ketones are present too when the body is not able to use insulin to break down sugars in the body. Such thing can affect ones health as ketones can spill into the urine.Ketones and Weight Loss

Low-Carbohydrate Diets and Ketones

The Better Heal Channel said that ketones are being produced by the body if you follow a low-carbohydrate diet. The reason is that the body breaks down sugars which are stored in the muscles once you don’t consume adequate amount of carbohydrates. Generally, dieting releases some ketones but following a low-carbohydrate diet can lead to the release of a higher number of ketones.

Urine Test

If you undergo a urine test and your doctor found out that your ketones are high, the Joslin Diabetes Center advised that you may notify your physician if you are losing weight. An additional blood test is needed to determine if your blood-glucose levels are not high which is can be a sign of diabetes. Dieters who have high ketone levels must not experience high blood-glucose levels.


People in the medical profession and even those who are not, believe that excess ketones as a result of weight loss and a low-carbohydrate diet can lead to a disease called ketoacidosis or acidosis said by the Diabetes Health. This condition may result if the body produces too much glucose which can even lead to a life-threatening condition. Anyway a low carbohydrate diet alone cannot cause ketoacidosis but once a person suffers from other diseases that can cause complication to it like diabetes, this may surely increase the chance of having ketoacidosis.

The Better Health Channel added that although a normal patient who is having a low-carbohydrate diet may experience ketone loss, weight loss attempts due to low-carbohydrate diets is risky to pregnant women. A pregnant women needs carbohydrates so that she may have energy from the food she eats to nourish her baby. The main reason why a pregnant women must not follow a low-carbohydrate diet is to avoid the buildup of ketone that may leak into the blood.

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