Diet Tips – Why the Best Life Diet is successful

Oprah Winfrey is a great believer of the Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet and introduced the diet in her TV show. Oprah, who struggled with her weight a few years ago went on the Best Life Diet and was amazed of how losing weight can be so easy and effective. After mentioning the diet in her show, people were inspired by her story and by its proven success rate. So, what are the secrets to Bob Greene’s diet program?

Every online diet program tries to focus on eating healthy foods, consuming less food which is high in cholesterol or saturated fats, exercising, mouthwatering recipes, etc.

Active ImageWhat makes this diet program so unique is the fact that it is divided into 3 different phases. The first phase focuses on eating at least three regular meals, taking vitamins and establishing an exercise plan. Bob strongly advises that building a routine throughout this diet program is necessary in losing weight. The second and third phases focus on modifying your diet, managing your hunger, increasing your exercise plan and finding an eating and exercising routine for life.

The Best Life Diet rather focuses on changing eating and exercise habits for life than losing weight fast.

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