Diet Tips – The Success of TrimKids from eDiets

Active ImageChild obesity is a common issue in today’s society. It is a major concern that kids become overweight and sometimes obese by the time they are 10 years old. It is still believed that over 45% of the kids in the US are heavily overweight which can result in problems throughout their life.

Parents often ignore the fact that their kids are overweight and don’t take the necessary steps to solve it during the early years. The longer you wait for any solutions; the cure of obesity becomes nearly impossible later on.

Starting with your child early on should be a focus point instead of waiting for many years when your kid already shows signs of obesity.

The proven program from eDiets “TrimKids” is a very successful program that is customized only for kids.

What is the TrimKids program?

TrimKids from eDiets is a one of the best, customized 12 week plan program designed only for kids. It all started when TrimKids was featured in a book written by Melinda Southern. More than 1000 children were tested for this program and the rate of success was enormous. The TrimKids program focuses on helping parents manage their child’s weight, help kids to get more active and make exercise really fun, it also offers personalized weekly meal plans and a print and go shopping list. When you sign up, you will also receive a FREE fitness coach with animated and fun 3-D fitness examples.

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