Diet Tips – The Fat Gene — Genetics in a Weight Loss Diet

Why is it that as we age fat begins to overwhelm our bodies like a garden with weeds out of control?
Interestingly enough, our keen awareness of the problem doesn’t make the answer to this question any less startling.
Long before the abundance of food was taken for granted and diet pills weren’t even imagined, when our ancestors were living with shortages and an unpredictable food supply, the human body was conditioned to go through extended periods during which fat storage was a prerequisite for sustenance and energy in times of scarcity.
Now that we are living in an era of plenty and no way of switching it off, the genetic code that was once our guardian and defender has become our archenemy and nemesis.
This “good” gene that embedded itself within us over the ages now stands between us, our quality of life and in some cases our very survival. It is directly responsible for the sudden explosion in obesity and obesity related casualties. Projections are it will continue to wreak havoc upon the lives of millions far into the foreseeable future costing billions upon billions in health care and other expenses.
Why does its impact worsen as we get older and move further into time?
Historically, the older we grew the better we were protected by this gene. Because it has no way of knowing the times have changed, it continues to work in the same old fashioned way.
Granted, no matter how far back in time we go, we’ll find there were always overweight people. However, never since the beginning of humans has an obesity disaster of this magnitude occurred. The numbers have been rising steadily for the past 60 years with the steepest climb taking place within the last 30 years. During this short period of time the number of overweight Americans have gone from 1 in 8 to almost 1 in 2. This dramatic four fold increase accounts for the more than 100 million Americans who are now overweight.
How exactly does the fat gene work?
It works by causing a greater efficiency of our metabolism to store fuel. Much like an automobile that gets good gas mileage. In other words, it helps us to make more out of less as we age. The problem is, we are in a time of plenty, we are not automobiles, and we do not have a separate fuel compartment. Instead, unconsumed fuel is stored in fat cells throughout our bodies creating unsightly distortions and unnecessary burden directly upon our operating systems. The result — undue stress, illness, disease, and a rapid acceleration towards our demise.

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