Diet Tips – The Fat Gene — Genetics in a Weight Loss Diet What can we do about it?

All our lives we’ve been taught to believe efficiency is good, only to discover that in some rare instances it can actually be bad. This is one such instance. Of course, the best solution would be to find a way to expel all vestiges of this unwanted genetic relic from our bodies. Unfortunately, however this is something modern science has not yet mastered.
This leaves us with only one choice.
We must remain ever vigilant and proactive by taking those steps necessary to ward off the dreaded manifestations caused by obesity. Such as type II diabetes, coronary heart disease and cancer. Especially, as we age we must intensify our efforts to keep our bodies… the most important garden we’ll ever own, as weed-free as possible.
It is truly heart wrenching to know that the gene that once spared the lives of our ancestors and paved the way to our own existence could come back to haunt us in such insidious manner.
It is clear that obesity and excess weight permeates every aspect of a person’s life, from increasing the risk of life-threatening diseases and higher mortality rates, to unfairly altering their quality of life. There is only one solution — to achieve fast weight loss. You have tried everything, you say. Every diet pill, every gadget. Nothing works. Moreover, what worked was only temporary.
Whenever you begin to hear these negative voices remember, even moderate weight loss has been shown to advance health as well as extend and improve quality of life.
Most of us who are overweight have struggled with this for much of our lives. This is not something new. It is not because we are lazy or weak of character. It is merely because you have not yet used the right tools.
Perhaps, someday soon the long awaited scientific breakthrough will come for the millions of suffers whose lives this one gene continues to alter and destroy. After-all, it was our ability to make huge technological strides and create such unprecedented abundance that brought us to this. We can only hope that eventually the same display of ingenuity will also enable us to dismantle this perilous genetic time bomb.
Meanwhile, we must make-do with the tools we have to resolve other weight loss diet issues and avert the aggressive stranglehold we face. Fortunately, we happen to possess a few that are exceptionally effective at doing the job. If you are still missing out on the life-changing benefits these tools provide, it may be time to put them to work for you too!

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