Diet Plans – Emotional Eating — How to Say No

It is a well known fact that our eating habits are somewhat influenced by the way we feel. Certain life occurrences, such as unemployment, health problems, or divorce can easily decrease or increase our appetite. Even the smallest change in our daily routine can have an immense impact upon our weight loss diet efforts. When a person feels stressed or emotionally unstable, he/she often looks towards food for comfort. Numerous studies have shown that certain foods, such as chocolate, have a way of calming our nerves and making us happy. So what can we do in order to reduce our dependence upon emotional eating?

Identifying true hunger is one of the first steps towards healing emotional eating. You can buy the best diet pills on the market; however, unless you learn how to recognize emotional hunger you will have a difficult time achieving fast weight loss. Emotional eating usually occurs when we are emotionally unstable. We don’t necessarily have o feel hungry, but we will still nonetheless reach towards food for comfort. That is why it is important to recognize whether your cravings are physical or emotional. Knowledge of the weight loss diet you are on is absolutely crucial. For instance, if you know that you ate just a couple hours ago, obviously your cravings are solely emotional. Another sure sign of whether you are truly hungry is a rumbling stomach. Unless you can actually feel the hunger deep down in your stomach, you are probably not hungry.

Another way to reduce your emotional eating habits is to look elsewhere for comfort; this is especially important if you are trying to lose weight. There are numerous other things you can do which will just as easily occupy your mind. Try going for a walk, watching a movie you have not seen before, or simply calling a friend can help you keep your mind off of food. So if you ever feel like emotional hunger is a part of your life, learn to recognize true hunger signs and try to plan some enjoyable events to relieve tension.

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